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Why Us? — Our Facility


From the indoor 10 foot deep heated pool to the state-of-the-art scuba retail and training center, we have you covered.  Stop by our dive center anytime and we will be happy to give you a tour of our training center.



Why Us? — Professional Staff

We love our dive staff and so do our customers! From the divemasters’ and instructors to our office support staff – we consider them family and part of The Scuba Shop team.

Unlike many others, we have a core set of values and have operated in business for 18 years. These are not just words on a page, rather, they are the fabric and the foundation for each of our companies success!

The Scuba Shop Core Values for our Employees:

  1. Affirm each others strengths and protect his/her weakness;
  2. Treat others the way you desire to be treated;
  3. Extend grace to those who are teachable;
  4. Seek first to understand others, before trying to be understood;
  5. Choose relationships over profits;
  6. Think outside the box – always question status quo;
  7. Praise in public, Correct in Private.


Why Us? — Full-service Travel

We understand there are many of choices in travel and our staff can help you plan your next dive trip. Whether its a group looking for a great destination or one individual looking for a new adventure – we have you covered.


Why Us? — Expert Advice

Some say an expert is one who can find information fast. Others have years of knowledge and field experience to pass down to the next generation. At The Scuba Shop we have both the technical know how and the years of experience to assist your needs.


Why Us? — 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Vision for The Scuba Shop:

To be known as the industry leader for “consistently” delivering outstanding customer service and support to our clients and vendors throughout the United States.